Solutions For Construction Companies

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Your construction company needs a payment and business optimization technology that will help to improve your bottom line, streamline your operations, and grow your customer base. As the premier payments provider for small and mid-sized businesses, we offer great solutions that make billing and accepting payments a breeze. We’ll help to grow your business sustainably and accomplish more than you thought possible. 

Celero Connect 

Running an on-the-go business like a construction company requires a reliable payments platform that’s ready to go wherever you do. Celero Connect, our all-in-one payments gateway designed for businesses like yours, makes it easy to accept all forms of payment, whether in-person, contactless, curbside, mobile, online, or electronic check. It unifies all streams of income, shows your upcoming expenses and payment history in one place, and builds winning strategies for growing your business. 

Built-in QuickBooks integration and a streamlined customer information vault make it simple to transfer and store important data. You can also track your open projects, generate helpful reports, and keep tabs on your finances with ease. To ensure you have all the guidance needed to keep your business moving forward, we offer expert customer and technical support. With Celero Connect, the power is in your hands to run your business, accept payments, and watch your brand loyalty flourish.


Searching for a simple but powerful payment and business management system? Meet SwipeSimple. This program enables you to accept all forms of payments, including chip, stripe, mobile, and EMV. The best part is that you won’t even need to purchase a new payment device. You can accept payments from your favorite web browser, or any iOS or Android device. It also prints receipts and invoices effortlessly. Future project transactions are also faster because a client’s project information is collected and stored. 

To make your billing even more streamlined, SwipeSimple offers automated payment reminder options via email and/or text message. On the easy-to-use dashboard, you can generate in-depth reports, analyze the performance of your business, and export transaction reports that are compatible with Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks. You’ll love the user-friendly interface and wide variety of tools available to help you accomplish your business goals. 

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In your line of work, time is money. Stay on top of your accounting, payments, and business management, so you can focus on doing what you love: working with your customers to build something great. 

If you’re ready to learn more about Celero solutions tailored to construction companies, contact us today and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to provide you with additional information. We’re here to help you grow with high-tech, high-touch solutions.