Introducing Celero Core for Software Developers

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Software developers need a simple way to integrate payment processing capabilities into the software applications they create for their clients, and Celero is rising to the occasion. We’re excited to introduce the newest addition to our selection of fintech solutions, Celero Core

We’re Obsessed with FinTech, So You Don’t Have To Be

Software developers don’t have all day to think about the fintech aspects of the applications they design. That’s why we created Celero Core, a powerful program that provides software developers and the businesses they serve with all the tools needed to start accepting digital payments with ease. Instead of spending time worrying about fintech, you can refocus your efforts on what you do best: designing software that wows your clients. 

The Three P’s of Celero Core 

We designed this program to fuse three important pillars of business success: power, payments, and people. Let’s discuss the three P’s of Celero Core.


Our powerful stack technology gives software developers access to a wide range of fintech solutions that they can incorporate into the software they create. 

  • Compass: Provides tools to streamline merchant onboarding, improve customer management, and generate useful insights. Includes top-notch client support to help merchants get the most out of Compass. 
  • Connect: Our all-in-one payment gateway that enables merchants to accept any type of payment, send invoices, create data visualizations, and manage their organizations from anywhere in the world. 
  • celeroBI: Offers robust, real-time analytics and enhanced data that will help guide a merchant’s decision-making, enhance the customer experience, improve profits, and much more. 


At Celero, we pride ourselves on being the premier payments provider for small and mid-sized businesses across the nation. Our team is always innovating and searching for new, better ways to help business owners improve their customer experience through cutting-edge technology. We understand that no two businesses are the same, and that’s why we offer the most flexible payment solutions in the industry. With Celero Core, you’ll gain access to our ever-growing selection of solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the software you create. Your clients will love how user-friendly and customizable our payment solutions are. 


Many fintech companies focus all their time and resources on creating technology, while neglecting the ever-important customer service aspect of their business. Here at Celero, we understand that a fintech provider is only as good as the customer support team behind it. We offer comprehensive technical and business development support to help our valued customers maximize their earnings, find solutions to real-world problems, and achieve measurable growth. 

  • Dedicated account and relationship management
  • Highly responsive team of fintech experts to help business owners achieve their goals, no matter how ambitious 
  • Payment acceptance, onboarding, and support processes designed with our merchant partners in mind

Get Started

Are you ready to experience the benefits of Celero Core? Contact us today and let’s get started. Your team and your clients will thank you for taking the first step!