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Due to the ongoing shortage of semiconductor chips, which are a key component of traditional POS terminals, many business owners are looking for alternate tools to process payments. This is where our non-terminal payment solutions come in! 

Celero Connect 

If you’re on the hunt for a user-friendly payment gateway that empowers you to accept payments and manage your business from anywhere in the world, you’re looking for Celero Connect. This all-in-one solution packs an extensive selection of fintech and business optimization tools into a single program that will help to unify all of your streams of revenue. Here are a few of the incredible features we know that you’ll adore: 

  • Doesn’t require a traditional payment acceptance device 
  • Payment acceptance for all forms of payment, including in-person, online, and over the phone
  • Accept electronic checks and ACH payments with ease 
  • Compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Built-in QuickBooks plug-in that will help to streamline your accounting and bookkeeping efforts
  • In-depth data and stunning visualizations to help you make business decisions with confidence 


SwipeSimple provides merchants with a simple, user-friendly interface to accept payments and manage their business operations. In order to start accepting payments, there’s no need to purchase any sort of special equipment. All you need to do is open your web browser, input your customer’s financial information, and hit “charge.” Here are a couple of the benefits of this solution:

  • Process debit and credit card transactions with just a few clicks of your mouse
  • Send digital receipts to your customers via email or text
  • Intuitive interface that you and your employees will love navigating through 
  • Comprehensive data reporting to help you determine which products and/or services are selling the best
  • Easily schedule weekly, monthly, or yearly payments


For any retail business owners out there, we’d like to introduce you to your new best friend: CashierLive. This virtual POS solution is specifically designed to be used by retailers like yourself. It’s currently utilized by more than a thousand shops across the country and that number continues to grow every single day. With the massive list of features, this payment gateway makes it easy to operate and grow your business: 

  • Easily accept any form of payment with your mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet
  • Access your data and manage your business from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Generate helpful reports regarding your shop’s performance, customer loyalty trends, completed transactions, and more
  • Manage and engage with your customers with the help of powerful CRM tech 
  • Track purchases, inventory, and profits in real-time 

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