CRäKN: Designed For Funeral Homes and Their Clients

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One of the toughest, yet most emotionally rewarding, jobs is running a funeral home. Day in and day out, you’re working with mourning families who are dealing with the hardest times of their lives. Each move you make has the potential to either provide immense relief or further hardship to a grieving family member, so it’s vitally important to optimize the way you run your business and interact with your clients. 

CRäKN makes providing your clients with careful, caring, and compassionate service a simple process. Let’s explore the incredible features of this software and how it will help you better run your organization. 

Track Contacts

With CRäKN, tracking contact information and reaching out to your clients is a breeze. Their user-friendly dashboard empowers you to keep track of emails and phone numbers, store all your client communications in a single place, and even make calls via the integrated interface, with the simple click of a button. The modern display makes keeping track of the families you work hard to serve both simple and stress-free. 

Manage Your Cases

If you have a number of cases open at once, things can get complicated very quickly, so it’s important to have an effective way of tracking cases and to-do items. This incredible software allows you to access all of your case information from any device you utilize for your business. You can easily pull up the history of each case, information regarding loved ones, and so much more. 

Communicate With Your Team

Sometimes, the toughest part of running a business is getting your employees all on the same page. Fortunately, CRäKN makes this usually complicated process as easy as 1, 2, 3. Through the easy-to-use dashboard, you and your team members can communicate with each other about planned activities, key details, missing action items, and whatever else you need in order to create the healing services your clients deserve. 

Collect Feedback From Clients 

Your work doesn’t end once a funeral service is held: It ends once you receive, analyze, and absorb feedback from the family members. With a simple click of a button, you can close a case and automatically send a survey to the family members you’ve been helping. Imagine a world wherein a single step, you can request in-depth feedback from clients that will help to improve your customer service, offerings, and the efficiency of your team. 

Integrates With Your Accounting 

Without the right software solution, invoicing, billing, and internal records keeping can be a real hassle. Many funeral homes are bogged down in these details, which leaves less time for focusing on building meaningful relationships with clients. Fortunately, this program will pair with your current accounting system and simplify your operations like never before. Recording, tracking, and reporting your revenues and expenses has never been easier. 

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