Save Big With Celero Choice

a man holding a $10 dollar bill

Across the country, merchants are seeing the number of credit and debit card transactions shoot up, as cash payments continue to decline. Processing fees can add up quickly and impact your bottom-line profits. Fortunately, our dual pricing program Choice is here to help!

Simple, Legal, and Effective 

According to a 2021 report, approximately 71 percent of consumers utilize either a debit or credit card to make purchases in stores. For years, this statistic has been growing and it’s no wonder that many merchants are looking for ways to decrease their payment processing fees. In some cases, merchants are saddled with monthly bills which total multiple thousands of dollars, which can be detrimental to the success of their businesses. To offset these substantial charges, Choice enables businesses to add a non-cash service fee to all purchases made via debit or credit card. It presents a simple, legal, and highly effective solution for reducing monthly processing costs.

With this program, your customer will be given the option to pay their balance using a debit or credit card, or accept a discount in return for paying with cash. For any non-cash purchases, a small service fee will be added to the total purchase cost. This transfers part of the burden of the processing costs along to customers. While it’s useful for all sizes and types of businesses, it’s especially helpful for merchants who frequently sell small-ticket items, such as coffee shops, fast-food restaurants, and gas stations. However, it’s not just loved by business owners: Customers love it, too! It provides them an easy opportunity to save money on each of their purchases.

Get Started 

If you’re ready to start saving up to 90 percent on your monthly processing fees, it’s time to try out Choice. We’ll handle the equipment set-up, signage, and training, so you can just focus on growing your business. Contact our team today to schedule a demonstration!