Jake Speltz Named Q3 2021 Duffy Leadership Award Recipient

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the latest recipient of the Michael P. Duffy Leadership Award: Jake Speltz, Vice President of Major Client Relations. Honoring the late Mike Duffy, a legendary mentor and leader to many at Celero and beyond, the Michael P. Duffy Leadership Award is given to those who embody our organizational values: respect, excellence, communication, intention, performance, user experience, and simple, disruptive solutions. Jake Speltz has demonstrated a unique ability to live these values in his work with clients and colleagues alike.

“There are very few individuals whose daily efforts resonate throughout the organization like Jake’s,” said Kevin Brolan, Executive Vice President of Sales. “Jake has been extremely collaborative across sales channels separate from his. His friendly attitude and openness to conversation about improvement is a comforting presence to have in a competitive environment.”

In his role as VP of Major Client Relations, Jake has gone above and beyond his individual responsibilities. Whether it’s providing a morale boost when he sees the sales corner feeling down, taking the time for a long conversation with a bank partner, or sharing knowledge with his teammates, Jake is an empathetic and supportive leader who leads by example.

“Jake Speltz has your back no matter what,” said Kevin Brolan. “Specifically, his work with Pinnacle Bank and the rollout of Celero Connect have been two absolutely crucial items from the past quarter that Jake has executed. Jake’s attention to detail and strategic approach with these two initiatives helped take the FI channel to another level in delivering on Celero’s high-tech, high-touch approach.”

The Michael P. Duffy Leadership Award is peer-nominated and driven. The highest honor at Celero Commerce, this award recognizes those who practice team values like selflessness, humility, and initiative. These values were an integral part of Michael Duffy’s leadership philosophy, and they’re shared by Celero’s leaders today.

“Jake is the type of guy who’s always willing to sit down and talk with colleagues across all departments,” said CEO Kevin Jones. “He’s not only a great leader here at Celero, but also a great person in general. Jake’s contributions extend beyond the FI channel and throughout the whole organization.”

Jake will join his fellow cohort of Duffy Award recipients at Celero’s second annual Duffy Leadership Summit in 2022. Bringing together leaders and top performers throughout the organization, this event is a celebration of our success and an opportunity to discuss the future. The second annual Duffy Leadership Summit will include all 2020 Duffy Award recipients plus the top 10 percent of performers in other departments. And, it wouldn’t be a Celero event without some signature Nashville entertainment and a special guest speaker or two.

Jake Speltz will receive a commemorative Duffy Award plaque, following in the tradition of 2020 winners Nicole Becher, Abigail Lucier, Karo Torosyan, Spencer Ellis, Kristia Poppe, and Lea Telonis, and previous 2021 winners Kim Henley and Marcia Ortez. The next Duffy Award winner will be announced early next year.