The Ultimate Payment Solution for Pharmacies

a mother and her song picking up his prescription at a pharmacy

In order to be successful and ensure full compliance with regulatory bodies, it’s important for your pharmacy to have a payment solution that’s specifically designed to suit your unique needs. With CashierLive, you get the easy payment acceptance solutions you need, paired with convenient integrations with popular pharmacy management programs. 

Easy, Fast Payments 

When it comes to payments, your customers want fast, convenient service so they can get on their way to the next errand. With CashierLive, you can effortlessly accept transactions via chip and stripe, as well as FSA and HSA cards. Due to new rules and regulations,  accepting FSA and HSA cards has become more difficult for pharmacies, but thanks to CashierLive’s SIGIS-certified system, accepting these types of payments is a breeze. 

Multiple Integrations 

Whether you use SpeedScript, CarePoint, HBS, QS1, or another similar pharmacy management or point-of-sale system, CashierLive offers seamless integration to allow for the ultimate efficiency in your operations. Key information, such as prescription numbers and prices, will be stored to speed up the checkout process. Additionally, all required signatures are collected and securely sent to your pharmacy management system for future reference. 

Superior Compliance 

To prevent the abuse and illicit purchase of pseudoephedrine, many states require that pharmacies utilize the MethCheck system, which is a specialized software that tracks pseudoephedrine sales. If you’re located in a state that requires this program, you’re in luck, because CashierLive is already fully integrated with it! Ensuring full compliance with state and federal laws just got easy.

Secure Signatures 

For some purchases, your customer will need to sign multiple times to submit their payment and acknowledge the receipt of their medication. Without the right payments provider, tracking and storing these signatures gets complicated. Fortunately, CashierLive is integrated with multiple pharmacy management systems and helps to simplify the process of collecting customer signatures.

Multiple Device Options

Pharmacies are increasingly starting to offer prescription deliveries, which can present issues if your payment system isn’t equipped to accept on-the-go payments and signatures. In addition to their in-store system, CashierLive has a mobile app that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, which is ideal for completing deliveries. Any information collected via the mobile app is automatically synced with the in-store program to allow for easy reporting and open communication. 

Comprehensive Support 

On top of all these features, CashierLive offers on-call support services to help you get the most out of this top-of-the-line payment solution. Whenever you have a question or need help, you can contact their friendly customer support team to receive expert assistance. Plus, everything’s included in your subscription! There are no extra fees whatsoever. 

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