Payment Solutions Optimized for Accounting Firms

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Throughout the year and especially during tax season, running an accounting firm is no easy task. If you have a never-ending stream of client work and can’t seem to get on top of your to-do list, it’s time to contact us. We offer two payment and business optimization solutions that are perfect for accountants like yourself. Let us introduce you to Connect and SwipeSimple. 

Connect: Our Most Intuitive and Powerful Payment Gateway

With Celero Connect, you can run your business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This gateway makes it quick and easy to accept all forms of payment (in-person, contactless, curbside, mobile, and online), and to create sustainable growth for your business. The capabilities are endless. 

  • Beautiful, user-friendly interface that you and your team will love using 
  • Process any type of payment with the click of a button 
  • Save time by scheduling recurring billing for your clients 
  • Unify all your streams of income by processing all forms of payment on a single platform
  • Accept electronic check payments via your virtual terminal 
  • Built-in QuickBooks integration to process transactions, create accounting entries, mark transactions as paid, and generate reports 
  • Store your customers’ information to streamline future billing cycles 
  • Expert customer and technical support services 
  • Empowers you to run your business, accept payments, and optimize customer loyalty from anywhere 

SwipeSimple: A Streamlined Solution for All Payments

Looking for a payments solution that combines simplicity with powerful capabilities? Meet SwipeSimple. This program enables you to process chip, stripe, mobile, and EMV transactions with the tap of a button; print receipts in seconds; and invoice your customers with ease. 

  • Accept any form of payment from your payment terminal, iOS or Android device, or any web browser
  • Get your program up and running in just a few minutes
  • Collect and store customer information to speed up future transactions
  • Create, customize, and send digital invoices
  • Send automated payment reminders via email and/or text so you won’t need to manually contact clients 
  • Track invoices and payments in real-time
  • Generate in-depth reports and insights that will help to increase your profits, improve customer service, and more
  • Easily export transaction reports in a format compatible with tools like QuickBooks and Excel 

We’re Here to Help You Grow 

Are you ready to streamline the operations of your accounting firm and achieve sustainable growth? Reach out today and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives. We’re experts in helping our clients find solutions that suit their unique industry needs.