BankMax: Exemplifying Our High-Tech, High-Touch Promise

a buisness woman looking at reports at her desk

The BankMax team at Celero Commerce is the driving force behind our promise of being “high-tech, high touch” with our largest community and regional bank clients nationwide. With dedicated support for your teams of bankers and customer service professionals, our team is committed to be a responsive, empowered problem-solver no matter the present challenge we face. 

As we go about our work, we use proprietary technology tools and human-driven processes to make our community and regional banks more competitive, not only against the larger direct competitor banks they’ve always faced, but also the rising tide of financial technology companies like Square. This new wave of competitors is coming through a back door of the community bank, the one that we should be guarding for you–merchant services. 

Protect Your Hard-Won Deposits, Grow NII

Oftentimes, bankers are challenged to know what’s happening within their own client base. At Celero, we help you identify your target market opportunity.

One of our aforementioned proprietary processes is how we mine data to examine your best fee income opportunities. This tool identifies fee income opportunities and, critically, your at-risk deposits. We also provide executive management at your bank with sales tracking tools, real-time revenue goals, and sales projections. With the BankMax growth program in place, we arm you for battle with facts–the facts you need in order to prepare your bankers and customer service teams with the information they need to protect your merchant base and help you grow it. 

A Sales Culture for the Win

In addition to great technology that helps you make data-driven decisions for precise targeting, our people equip your teams through the entire sales process, from training to prospecting, pricing, and closing the deal.

Banks have been implementing sales cultures for more than three decades, and we know that while there are some built-in challenges to arriving at a staff that’s engaged and motivated to sell, no matter the role, there are tried and true elements that solve these challenges rather routinely. In reality, your people need to see value in order to cross-sell and refer products and services outside of your core deposit and lending focus areas. When they have confidence placed in a competitive product and a trusted partner, they will indeed refer and pre-sell, on their credibility, your most valuable business relationships.

Our growth program adds fuel to the fire. You gain access to Celero’s comprehensive sales training, best business practices, and even our own inside sales force to help you implement and execute not only a sales culture, but an elite one. In fact, our merchant sales practices are so successful that I’ve seen many of our relationships implement the BankMax way into all other banking products and services. These organizations are fast creating cultures based on results.

Banking the Right Way, As Always

Merchant pricing is complicated, and many of our competitors (and there are thousands of them) exploit this complexity in order to win merchant business that frankly, they don’t deserve. Celero partner banks pride themselves on leading with transparency and ethics, as they do with every product or service they sell. 

We help our partners reveal the predatory smoke-and-mirror pricing used by competitors to portray false savings opportunities used as incentives for clients to switch their services. Whether utilizing our real-time pricing tools and analysis or sending detailed statements into our office for comparison, our partner banks are on the cutting edge of product offerings and simplified sales tools.

BankMax: the Answer in These Challenging Times

With competitors now coming in all shapes and sizes, as well as many who will not only take their merchant services, but also their merchant relationships entirely, bankers are relying on data to make all sorts of decisions, from staffing to loan approvals to merchant processing. Now more than ever, having data that’s presented in a visually engaging, simplified way is a necessary component for senior executives and board members at any company that’s in a competitive space. 

At Celero, our BankMax team understands your needs. We provide you with incredible analytics, from detailed daily merchant reporting to analysis to sales reporting. We pride ourselves on providing your bank with cutting-edge technology and reporting to manage and grow a successful portfolio. And we will always deliver this great technology with the kind of advice, training, coaching, and support to ensure that you succeed.