What Makes Good Technology

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As the Director of Engineering for Celero Commerce, my role is to develop technology that not only solves a problem but also wows the user. Today, I’m sharing the process that my team utilizes for developing solutions that help small to mid-sized businesses thrive. 

Ask the Right Questions 

At the start of a project, it can be tempting to jump in and hit the ground running. However, this rushed approach will more than likely lead to the development of a product that fails to solve the issue at hand. When trying to build the right solution, the first step is to clarify a few key details:  who will be using the technology, how they’ll be using it, and what they’re trying to accomplish. By focusing on the end-user and exactly how they’ll be interacting with the technology, it helps to guide the development process in the right direction. Every action taken should be done with the end-user in mind. 

Direct Communication 

Directly contacting the end-user and interviewing them about their unique needs is the most effective route for answering these important questions. However, if this isn’t doable, the next best option is to speak with the business we’re assisting in creating this solution. While speaking directly to the end-user is ideal, the business should also have a good understanding of what their customers are looking for and which features are most important to them. 

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes 

Once these research questions are answered, the next step will be to put ourselves in the shoes of the customer. For example, if we’re working on developing a product for customers who are interacting with field service workers, it’s vital for us to understand the stress that they’re experiencing and how they might be feeling. Take this example from our ongoing development of RazorSync, an award-winning software suite aimed at a constellation of field services businesses. Dealing with home repairs is never fun, so the last thing customers they’ll want to do is wrestle with a non-user-friendly application that seems to compound their problems.

Make the Customer Smile 

It’s our job to develop a product that’s easy-to-use, intuitive, and effective in solving a frustrated customer’s issue. Focusing on the emotions that the end-user will be feeling at the time they’re using the product will help to guide the development process, and create something that will turn a terrible situation into a stress-free experience. At the end of the day, if we can wow these customers, we don’t even need to worry about wowing our own. If the end-user is happy, that’s going to directly benefit our merchant clients and help to grow their businesses. 

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At Celero Commerce, we pride ourselves on creating solutions that deliver on all fronts. If your business has a problem you need help solving, make sure to reach out to us. The primary goal of our organization is to develop solutions that help small businesses succeed.