Merchant Spotlight: Break Even Golf

someone golfing at sunset

With so many small businesses struggling to make it through the pandemic, good news can be hard to come by. But today, we’re excited to share some much-needed good news about one of our merchant partners, Break Even Golf.

From going to the movies to playing pick-up basketball, many social activities have been temporarily halted by the COVID-19 pandemic. But golf—an outdoor game that is easy to play while social distancing—has fared better than most. That’s been a gift for Break Even Golf, whose signature product, the Pyramid Putter, found major success during the pandemic.

“COVID restrictions started going into effect around March 17th, and we launched the Pyramid Putter two days later on the 19th,” said Derrick Dobbin, Managing Principal at Break Even Golf. “The explosion of golf during COVID helped us immediately and we were successful out of the gate.”

With its unique and innovative design, it’s no wonder that the Pyramid Putter took off quickly. This special putter is designed to keep a putt going straight on its intended line, even with off-center strikes. Its horizontal grooves give the ball top spin, preventing it from skidding or bouncing off line, while pyramid-shaped grooves on the leading edge make it easier for players to line up with the target. The Pyramid Putter helps golfers sink an extra five to eight putts per round.

“Golf customers are very intelligent,” said Derrick. “They’re picky about new products and inventions, so it’s hard to penetrate the market. For a small company with a great idea, the best entry point into the golf business is through direct-to-consumer digital and social media marketing.”

Through a combination of email marketing campaigns, social media advertising, and a few commercial slots on the Golf Channel, the Pyramid Putter gained a lot of momentum in a short period of time. It certainly didn’t hurt that the product was endorsed by famous golf player and TV personality Blair O’Neal.

“We’ve built our credibility by partnering with PGA professionals, teaching pros, and other leaders in the golf industry,” Derrick said.

He believes there’s a reason why golf became so popular over the past year, beyond the fact that it’s safe to play in a pandemic.

“It’s mentally challenging. It takes skill, practice, and patience,” he said. “The more I play, the more I appreciate the culture of integrity that surrounds the game. It’s up to you to track your own score and play by the rules.”

Break Even Golf operates on a 100 percent E-commerce model, selling all Pyramid Putters through their website. The Celero team set them up with, an ultra-secure payment gateway service that enables merchants to accept credit card payments over the web. Nationwide, Celero is a top 10 reseller of, which is also Shopify-compatible.

If you’d like to learn more about the Pyramid Putter and stay up to date on new product launches, visit Those of you who made it to the end of the article, congratulations—we’ve got a surprise for you! The team at Break Even Golf was kind enough to create a special coupon code that you can redeem for 20 percent off. Just use the code CELERO20 at checkout.