Introducing Celero’s New Portfolio Purchase Program!

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At Celero, our goal is to be the payments provider of choice to community banks nationwide. In our efforts to be the leader in merchant solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, we never stop looking for ways to serve the partners who first capitalize and then sustain entrepreneurs in virtually every industry, from rural America to large metropolitan areas.

Our latest innovation in the service of community banks is here. Introducing the Portfolio Purchase Program from Celero Commerce.

With our Portfolio Purchase Program, you’re able to monetize your portfolio and receive an immediate payout. With these funds, you can powerfully reinvest in your team and merchant services program while adding meaningful revenue to offset the challenges presented in many communities by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

When you partner with Celero Commerce, you’ll alleviate concerns related to merchant attrition by monetizing today’s relationships, all while continuing to build your business over time with the people who know merchant solutions best.  With our Portfolio Purchase Program, we’re offering up to 36 times the current monthly residual income from your portfolio. Celero gives you the freedom to choose your level of divestment. Sell some of your portfolio to us, or sell all of it. 

It’s a win-win for you and the small businesses that make your community a special place. We are committed to bringing the most comprehensive set of solutions, ranging from mobile and contactless payment options to integrated platforms designed to optimize financial and operations management of restaurants, medical practices, field services businesses, and a whole lot more.

Contact Celero Commerce today to learn more about our new Portfolio Purchase Program.