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With the help of Celero’s proprietary BankMax program, your financial institution will have all the tools and hands-on assistance needed to grow your commercial deposits, loans, and recurring fee income. 

Advanced Data Mining and Sales Tools 

Through sophisticated data mining and analysis, our team will help you identify promising fee income opportunities, potential clients, and at-risk deposits. Once you’re armed with this vital data, you’ll be able to make business decisions with confidence and guide your associates straight to success. In addition to providing you with the data you need when you need it, the BankMax program offers sales tools to help track sales, revenue goals, and sales projections. To assist your associates with more complex merchant pricing, we’ll provide your organization with real-time pricing tools, pricing analysis, and detailed comparison statements. Potential merchant services clients love our transparent and no-nonsense pricing model.

Strategic Planning Made Simple

Now more than ever, bankers rely on data to make decisions about their next moves. While a mile-long database might contain insights that will improve your organization, it’s useless without the proper formatting and display. At Celero, we’re experts at making data live and breathe. We’ll provide you with streamlined and visually engaging analytics, detailed daily merchant reports, and sales reporting to help expertly guide your decision-making. What used to be a time-consuming and tedious process–or just outright undoable–is now simple and straightforward. 

Developing a Sales Culture 

It can be challenging to properly train and motivate your associates to cross-sell and refer the many services available to your commercial clients. However, our cutting-edge solutions are increasingly in demand by businesses so it’s more of a matter of properly communicating their value to your clients. We’ll direct your team through the entire sales process, all the way from training to closing their deals. Developing a sales culture doesn’t happen overnight, but with the help of our comprehensive sales training program and competitive products, your team members will be closing deals with ease in no time. 

A System That Consistently Delivers Results

Through our experienced team, our merchant sales practices have been tweaked to perfection, and they are proven to deliver results. In fact, our methods are so successful that for most of the financial institutions we work with, they are ultimately implemented into all other banking products and services. The BankMax program turns your associates into skilled sales professionals who are well equipped to help grow your portfolio of commercial clients. 

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