The PAX Advantage: More Integrated Business Applications

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Beyond finding the perfect payment processing hardware for your business, it’s important to make strategic decisions about which POS apps you’ll incorporate into your customer’s payment experience. PAX offers a wide variety of payment hardware solutions that will effortlessly complement their POS apps available for every business need. Here at Celero, we’re here to advise you about the different PAX payment systems available to help optimize your business. 

Choosing the Right Payment Processing Hardware 

PAX has dozens of payment hardware options to choose from, but here at Celero, we place emphasis on these three models: PAX A920, PAX S920, and PAX A80. We’ll briefly discuss the different models available and their specifications. First, let’s discuss the PAX A920. In addition to this model accepting traditional debit and credit card payments via chip and stripe, it also accepts no-contact payments, which is an important feature during this pandemic. With the growing safety concerns associated with customers making contact with payment terminals while completing transactions, it’s important for your business to offer contactless payment options, like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay.

The PAX A920 model features a sleek touchscreen, a thermal printer for receipts, and a rechargeable battery. The next model we’ll discuss is the PAX S920. This model features a stunning, touchscreen display, the same payment processing functionality as the PAX A920, and a keypad for customers to easily enter their card pins. This model also has super-charged battery life and speed to help your business run as smoothly as possible.

Lastly, the PAX A80 model is the perfect countertop option for small to mid-sized businesses. It offers a touchscreen display, an optional battery back-up to allow extended usage time, and advanced internet connectivity to ensure reliable payments at all times of the day. Like the other PAX models, this device accepts chip, stripe, and contactless payment options.

Optimizing the Payment Experience with POS Apps

If you’re not familiar with what a POS app is, they are programs that can be incorporated with your payment processing hardware to increase customer satisfaction and engagement, collect customer information, boost sales, and so much more. PAX has an entire universe of POS apps for you to choose from, so whether you need help with inventory management, CRM, sales management, operations, payment solutions, data analytics, report creation, they’ve got you covered. Since the apps aren’t divided into categories based on their functionality, we recommend browsing through their list of apps to see if anything sparks your attention. Currently, there are 348 apps for you to choose from, so there really is something out there for every size and type of business.

Our Favorite PAXSTORE App

Since there are so many apps available through PAX, it can take some time to sort through the options and make a decision about which ones you’d like to employ for your business. We thought we’d save you some time and highlight one of our favorite apps, SwipeSimple. This app allows you to easily accept credit card payments anytime, anywhere. Additionally, it enables you to record cash transactions, keep track of your inventory and sales, offer discounts to customers, track which products and/or services are selling well, and accept tips. In order to start accepting payments through this app, all you have to do is sign up with a verified reseller, download the app, and take your first transaction. This app is fantastic for participating in tradeshows, farmers markets, live events, and so much more.

How Can We Help? 

If you need additional guidance, feel free to reach out to us. With so many options when it comes to payment hardware and POS apps, it can be hard to determine the best choices for your business, but we’re here to assist you.