Celero Unveils Compass for FI Merchant Services

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The Celero Commerce technology team is thrilled to launch Compass, our brand new, all-in-one customer relationship management tool designed specifically for financial institutions and their commercial customers. Compass is packed with features that facilitate generating new business relationships with ease and convenience.

Lead Management

With the Compass lead management feature, you can notify your team as new merchant leads move through the sales process. You can streamline contracting by pre-populating agreements with information found in your leads.

The platform uses integrated text messaging for follow-up, to turn prospects into clients. With customized views by user, your team can take leads from digital campaigns and populate them into the system, send notifications to bank representatives, and even tie your own website into the platform with an API feed.


With our built-in BankMax features, you can quickly ask VAR and equipment-related questions to educate your merchants. In addition, you’ll get analysis of your merchant portfolio, easily identifying opportunities to grow your deposits and loans.

In addition, BankMax provides in-depth merchant statement analysis.

Automated Boarding

Compass makes boarding new merchants easy, with multiple automated features like built-in pricing templates. You’ll be able to submit multiple processing applications from a single lead form, saving you valuable time.

Compass provides an all-in-one boarding document storage solution, in our secure, cloud-based environment. Eliminate duplication of merchant records to dramatically reduce your boarding time with new clients.  


Our e-signature feature in Compass provides convenience and speed with just a few clicks to execute documents. In addition to obtaining signatures and initials, you can also have clients quickly and efficiently fill in missing information or document fields.

You can send and receive signed documents with clients and prospects alike with Compass e-signature.

Real-Time Reporting

The real-time reporting function empowers our partners in multiple ways. Access real-time batch reporting and easily acquire and understand statement histories. With easy-to-ready portfolio views and a friendly graphical interface, users can quickly get information to inform better decision-making.

With Compass, you can view on-demand profitability reporting and pull analytics with insight and data to better understand your portfolio.

 Mobile App

Compass isn’t just for desktops at the branch. You can download the Compass app for both Android and iOS devices. You and your merchants will enjoy the ease of accessing compass on-the go, so you can manage your business from anywhere.

White-Labeled Merchant Portal

Maintain consistent branding across all of your platforms with Compass, as we provide a White-labeled portal with your branding to the merchants you serve. Notify your merchants via text message or email about deposits and disputes, and automatically send enrollment invitations to your approved merchants with Compass.

Help Desk Ticket System

You can easily submit help desk tickets though the Compass system, ensuring quick issue resolution. Get notifications as help desk tickets go from opened to resolved, and provide exceptional customer service to your commercial accounts at any time of the day from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

Training Program

Compass contains our “Getting Started” guide that walks you through every step of the merchant sales funnel and boarding process. Our in-depth webinar presentation details everything from creating a new merchant lead to integrating Compass with your Gmail or Outlook-based accounts.  

Contact our Celero FI team to learn more about Compass and see your merchant portfolio achieve new heights in convenience, service, and satisfaction.