#InThisTogether: Celero Adds New COVID-19 Resource, Reopening Guidelines by State

a map of the USA with pinpoints in it.

In March, we launched a set of COVID-19 resources on our website, to help small businesses navigate the challenges of the pandemic. These resources include our own COVID-19 Survival Kit, a set of tools and technologies for diversifying payments and operations, as well as a series of educational webinars from the Celero team and its partners. In addition, we’ve pulled together a set of government and industry sources for businesses looking for financial assistance.

Now, we are pleased to launch a new resource, as many business-owners look to emerge in the new normal. Reopening guidelines can be complex, depending on your business, and each state, rather than the federal Centers for Disease Control, is in charge of setting its own regulations and associated guidance for businesses. The state-by-state jurisdiction for these matters can cause confusion, especially for business owners with multiple locations across state lines. We hope you find this guide helpful.

See the guide, with links to each state’s up-to-date plans for reopening, at https://celerocommerce.com/reopening-guidelines-by-state.