Jones on Digital Transactions: Celero’s Insights

headshot of Kevin a man in a blue suit

In a just-published article in respected payments journal, Digital Transactions, Celero Commerce founder and CEO Kevin Jones sits down with the magazine’s Kevin Woodward to discuss the current state of the payments industry nearly two months into the COVID-19-driven economic crisis. 

In a ranging interview, Jones discusses a variety of topics, including the company’s recent launch of its COVID-19 Survival Kit to help small and mid-sized merchants protect their business from the effects of voluntary and mandated social distancing actions. Celero’s Survival Kit and other COVID-19 resources include merchant webinars, targeted products and services like virtual gift cards, mobile payments, and payment gateways, as well as helpful links to government and industry resources.

In addition, Jones explains the Celero’s “team of teams” approach of offense/defense to manage its way through the crisis, as well as the company’s recent acquisition of Boca Raton-based FlashBanc.

Read the full story, also featuring interviews with other payments industry leaders, at this link.