Lucier Named Q1 2020 Duffy Leadership Award Recipient

Abigail Anderson headshot

Inspired by a shared value of servant leadership and role models, the Celero Commerce executive team created a special award to recognize elite performers who exemplify the company’s values. Now, we are pleased to announce the second quarterly recipient of the Michael P. Duffy Leadership Award, Abigail Lucier.

Just celebrating her one-year anniversary with the company, Abigail currently serves Celero Commerce as Senior Project Manager, reporting to Chief Executive Officer Kevin Jones.  During her tenure, Abigail has led foundational projects like the design and move into the company’s new Brentwood headquarters and operations center. She currently leads the company’s Pandemic Response team, formed at the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Celero’s leadership team created the Michael P. Duffy Leadership Award in honor of fintech industry legend Michael Duffy, who mentored many of Celero’s leaders earlier in their careers as they served in various positions at payments industry leader Chase Paymentech. The Duffy Award is driven by peer nominations, as colleagues recognize each other not only for performance, but also leadership, especially in exhibiting attributes that abide by company values like selflessness and teamwork.

Abigail received multiple nominations for Duffy Award recognition for her exemplary performance and leadership in the first quarter of 2020. Here are some of the notable nomination excerpts, straight from her peers:

“Abigail has quickly become a great resource for met to turn to with questions or almost anything in the office.”

“Abigail’s focus on company culture has motivated me to be a better team player and to be a culture carrier myself.”

Whether it is something related to her job or not, she is always willing to provide answers and guidance. . . a true team player!!!

“We all know how much work Abigail put in to create an office space that we have now transitioned into. Her leadership during this transition was so important for a smooth move with little disruption to our day to day jobs.”

“Abigail has now worked hard to help develop our Disaster Recovery Plan during this pandemic situation. I know that she has been a valuable asset to our company’s leadership during these times and will continue to do amazing things moving forward!”

“Abigail has quickly become a great resource for me to turn to with questions on almost anything in the office. Whether it is something related to her job or not, she is always willing to provide answers and guidance… a true team player!!!”

Abigail is quickly establishing herself as an emerging thought leader on the subject of company culture, with regular appearances on the company’s Celero Insights blog and Celero’s video channels on YouTube and Vimeo. 

As a Duffy Award recipient, Abigail will be invited to attend Celero’s first Leadership Summit, to be held in the spring of 2021 at the company’s headquarters in Nashville.  This annual event will convene leaders across our organization to celebrate their successes and mold future leaders of our organization by discussing strategy, new fintech trends, and Celero’s market position. The summit will include the four quarterly Duffy award recipients, as well as the company’s top 10 percent of performers in other departments. C-suite will lead the session and have some great Nashville entertainment planned for the group as well.

In addition, Abigail Lucier’s name will now grace a commemorative Duffy Award plaque at Celero’s corporate offices.

“Abigail truly sets a standard of commitment at Celero, as in commitment to our team, our customers, and our partners, “said Jones. “And she’s the kind of person you want on your side—smart, tough, and talented. Our leadership has learned to trust Abigail with virtually any critical project, since she’s one of those people built to rise to any challenge. Her combination of focus and determination are unmatched in this company.”

Other nominees for the quarterly Duffy Award were Ethan Hoffman, Karo Torosyan, and Kathryn Rodriguez.  “I’d also like to salute the other nominees,” said Jones. “Ethan, Karo, and Kathryn are true leaders in this company. When you’re dedicated to your work and the people around you, others take notice. I am thrilled to have teammates like Ethan, Karo, Kathryn, and Abigail on this journey to build the premier payments and software platform for small business.”

The next Duffy Award winner will be named in late July.