InThisTogether: Celero’s COVID-19 Resource Hub

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Celero Commerce was formed to equip small businesses with products, services, and software tools that help them grow quickly and sustainably. With the outbreak of COVID-19 over the last several weeks, our mission has changed to reflect the gravity of the situation, not only from and individual and public health perspectives, but also with regard to the survival of American small business.

Week by week, we are putting together a variety of resources, both internal and external, to help our merchants weather the storm and survive for the better times that lie ahead. 

Internal Resources:  the Celero COVID-19 Survival Kit 

At the COVID-19 link in our site’s main navigation, you’ll find our Celero COVID-19 Survival Kit, featuring educational materials for merchants on tools like gift cards, e-commerce, virtual payment terminals, and other solutions for staying in business while adhering to social distancing guidance and regulations. 

You’ll also see a variety of Celero News and Insights articles with headlines containing the hashtag, #InThisTogether. Each of these articles offers advice to merchants or shows how restaurateurs and other entrepreneurs are innovating to survive, supporting their communities, and adopting new tools for changing their business models to meet the challenges of the new COVID-19 reality.

External Resources: Government and Industry Rescue/Stimulus Programs

With stimulus and rescue efforts ongoing and from multiple sources, we know our merchants need the latest information on available programs to complement our solutions for the journey back to prosperity. We have compiled a Government and Industry Resource page that features links and information to available programs for small businesses, ranging from forgivable SBA loans for retaining employees (part of the recently-passed CARES Act) to microloans and bridge loans available at state and local levels.

In addition, we are listing industry resources from trade groups (the Electronic Transaction Association, National Restaurant Association, National Retail Federation), nonprofits (James Beard Foundation, and private companies (UberEats, GrubHub) that support small business.

Please stay tuned to our website and social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), as we continue to add and update resources for merchants across America.