3 Ways Celero Can Grow Your Business

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At Celero Commerce, it’s our goal to provide our customers with trust and dependability in our products and services that can equip them with the capability to better themselves and their business. Our company is dedicated to providing quality and reassurance that we offer the best solutions to make sure business owners are comfortable and educated to make business decisions confidently and with support. Explore below the ways that we can help your business grow!

1. Simple and Affordable Payment Processing

Honest & Transparent Pricing

Working with small businesses is our specialty and we make it a priority to gain trust with our customers by providing payment processing to save our merchants time and money. We use the interchange plus pricing model where merchants simply pay the interchange cost plus a small margin (basis points & a transaction fee) – no buckets, no hidden fees and the margin stays the same even as your volume increases.

Accept Payments Anywhere

We strive to make sure our merchants and future customers are equipped with all the necessary tools in order to be successful and conduct business conveniently. Every business has its own set of unique needs and it’s important to find the right fit when it comes to payment processing. We offer a variety of credit card terminals and solutions to get you where you need to go. Let’s take a look at the options available to you:

Point-of-Sales Systems

Depending on the needs of your business, Celero can find you the fight software for your business.

Point-of-Sale Terminals

A common essential for most businesses and one of the most traditional payment processing methods used today.

Virtual Terminal

Here’s your opportunity to make your payment processing effortless for mail order and telephone order sales along with off-site sales events.

Mobile Payments

A great way to accept mobile EMV credit card payments quickly and securely from any smartphone or tablet.

2. Effortless & Convenient Mobile Payments

Effectively growing your business means adapting to your customers wants and needs. Mobile payment processing is on the rise as the requirement is becoming greater and merchants are finding it more convenient and useful to implement within their business. Luckily, Celero’s mobile credit card processing app is easy to use and allows you to accept payments from any smartphone or tablet with a variety of benefits explained below:

Real-Time Reporting Tools

This is where you’re able to view business insights on-the go and manage past transactions. You’ll have the capability to easily execute voids or refunds and even re-send receipts to your customers if needed. What’s great about this feature is it grants you the convenience needed for running your business.

Inventory Tracking

Another added perk is the inventory tracking abilities that prove to be useful. You’re able to real-time, specific updates on inventory wherever you are. This gives you the opportunity to manage your inventory accordingly, such as editing item details or adding new items all within our mobile payment app. What’s especially useful is how all your devices are interconnected, allowing your updates to be made on one device and it’s carried through the rest and back to your dashboard.

Customized Settings

Customized settings is where you have features such as texting or emailing receipts to your customers are always beneficial as it makes it easier for you and your customers, plus you have the advantage of being a little green! You’re also able to enable a tip option to present the customer with before processing their payment. The customer can select from three default tip amounts set, or enter a custom tip dollar amount. Lastly, you have an offline mode option which permits you to capture swiped or keyed payments without an internet connection. You should know that offline mode is not compatible with EMV or NFC Mobile Payments (tap payments). Learn more about the app in the Mobile App User Guide.


We’re invested in the growth of our customers and value your experiences with us. Growing your business doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful when you have the right tools and support in your corner to help you along the way. The more we can help, the happier we will be!