#InThisTogether: Seven Ways You Can Help Keep Small Businesses Afloat during the COVID-19 Outbreak

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At Celero Commerce, our mission, our people, and our whole operations are aligned with helping small businesses grow quickly and sustainably. We are dedicated to the success of small businesses around the country, in good times and bad.

Right now, our small businesses nationwide are under serious threat of closure, and nearly two-thirds of the country’s population works for a small business, whether it’s a local store, restaurant, hair salon, or boutique. It’s obvious—we need to be doing everything we can as a people to not only stay healthy, but also keep our friends and neighbors in small business afloat until we see good times again.

Here are some ways you can help us support small business across America: 

1)  Restaurant Takeout and Delivery:  Join us in the Great American Takeout, an initiative to take advantage of takeout and delivery offerings still available at restaurants forced to shut down their dining rooms.

2)  Reschedule Your Events:  Many types of local establishments, whether it’s a restaurant, club, hotel, or other type of venue, have been force dot shut down due to regulations about gathering size. Don’t just cancel—work with these businesses to reschedule for future dates later in the year or next year.

3)  Buy Gift Cards:  This is perhaps the best way to promote small business, outside of legally-compliant purchases for the present. Gift cards get much needed cash into the hands of small business owners now, in exchange for future products and services. Think about buying multiple cards for yourself for all of your favorite local businesses, as well as cards for friends and family to celebrate their special days.

4)  Give Love on Social Media:  In the digital age, strong word-of-mouth can certainly give life to small business. If you enjoy that takeout or unique product you bought online from a local restaurant or boutique, give them a shout-out on Facebook and Twitter. Encourage your friends and family to do the same!

5)  Look for a Local Option:  Before hitting the buy button on an e-commerce site or site of a big box retailer, think about whether you have a local option for purchasing products online for delivery. Know that many businesses around the country are now delivering for the first time, in an effort to stay alive. Honor their innovation and determination.

6)  They Go Virtual, You Go Virtual:  Think about services you purchase, such as a gym membership or a yoga class, and whether that service provider now has an online offering. Just as other businesses are starting to deliver, many others are going virtual. Wouldn’t it be nice to still take that yoga class from the comfort and safety of your home?

7)  Philanthropy: Finally, as you are able, perhaps giving back to those business owners who serve your community is a way you’d like to contribute, whether it’s through a GoFundMe campaign to put operating cash in their hand to pay workers or through donating your time and expertise to help them in ways they can’t afford right now such as with strategy or marketing efforts.

Thank you for joining us in supporting small business in your area. It’s time for all hands on deck—we’re all in this together!