Celero Takes Root with Nashville Expansion

Outside of a building surrounded by trees

Celero is thrilled to announce the expansion of its Nashville headquarters with the addition of an Operations Center at Harpeth on the Green IV in Brentwood, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. The space, which is set to accommodate approximately 75 people, will be home to Celero Operations starting early 2020. This represents a major expansion for Celero’s headquarters, which currently resides at WeWork in downtown Nashville.

Under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Brown, Project Manager Abigail Lucier has worked collectively with the CBRE Group and Celero leadership team to scout and design the company’s expanded Music City workspace.

“At the new space, we want you to walk in and feel not only a connection to the fintech industry, but to Nashville as well,” says Lucier. “This city is where our team decided to plant the Celero seed, and we can’t wait to watch it grow.”

The entire layout and design of Celero’s new HQ is geared toward collaboration. It’s open and spacious, with large wraparound windows that surround the building and make it feel even bigger, as they offer a gorgeous view of Tennessee greenery.

“Being Tennessee-born and raised, I can really appreciate how green this state is, all its different colors and seasons,” says Abigail. “It’s called Harpeth on the Green for a reason; not only are there windows wrapping around the whole office, but it’s also surrounded by large trees and beautiful foliage.”

The exposed ceiling lends an industrial, Silicon Valley-like tech atmosphere. There are multiple collaborative workstations and huddle rooms where team members can gather. Even the private offices have glass fronts, promoting better openness and cohesion. CEO Kevin Jones is known for having a strict open-door policy.

“It’s deeply important to our culture and to Kevin that we all have the mindset of working together and collaborating in a fast-paced environment,” Abigail says. “Culture is the most important thing to Kevin, and your office space is key in creating a cohesive team.” 

Abigail, Kevin, and Jeff toured several office spaces before going with “what felt right.” They searched for places with ample light, plenty of windows, and an overall feeling of openness.

“While everyone has their own personalized space, you’re able to look up from your workstation or office and still feel connected to a team member that might be in a completely different department than you,” says Abigail. “You feed off the energy you see around you. So, if I can see other people creating and getting things done, it’s going to inspire me to do the same.”

One of Celero’s main goals in this project is to create a space that not only attracts, but also retains talent; somewhere that people look forward to going every day. The natural beauty of the space, as well as its contemporary warehouse vibe, are sure to help with that. So too will the ease of working together and communicating in the new space. 

“Harpeth on the Green is directly in line with the overall theme we were going for,” Abigail says. “We want it to embody everything Celero is and will be in the future.”

One thing Celero will be in the future is a whole lot bigger. The Nashville-based company has already experienced rapid growth since its inception and is expected to increase job growth by 250 percent in 2021.

“We want to both attract talent and create a place where people can grow professionally and personally,” says Abigail.

The future of Celero is looking good – almost as good as that view from the new HQ.