Celero’s Farace to Speak at Western States Acquirers Association’s Annual Conference

Headshot of Scott

Celero Commerce’s Scott Farace will share marketing insights during a breakout session panel at the Western States Acquirers Association’s Annual Conference on September 19 at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa. The session, titled “‘Like. Comment. Share.’: Growing your footprint in today’s digital economy,” will cover all facets of digital marketing with an emphasis on the financial services industry. The panel will take deep dives into social media, branding, and tactics to differentiate brands from competitors.

In a time when reaching customers and standing out from the crowd is growing increasingly difficult, the breakout session will fulfill a vital need. It will serve as a key resource for brand-builders who are seeing their reach decline, ad costs rise, and engagement falter. Panelists at this session will discuss how to build stronger credibility, increase customer reach, and develop more creative, engaging content that drives better business results.

Lane Conner, founder and CEO of Fuzse, will moderate the discussion. Following a 15-minute presentation, the 30-minute panel will feature insights from Anis Makaren, partner at DYAD Ventures; Peggy Olson, President and CEO of Strategic Marketing; and Scott Farace, Chief Marketing Officer at Celero Commerce.

Farace brings over 30 years of expertise in brand-building, advertising, and customer experience across numerous industry sectors. He has worked with brands at every stage of the business lifecycle. Prior to Celero, he served as head of strategy and partner at various marketing and advertising agencies, including S-Squared Creative, a Dallas-based branding and creative solutions firm.

Farace has developed branding and communications strategies for myriad Fortune 1000 household names in retail (e.g. Albertson’s), technology (AT&T), auto manufacturers (General Motors), and shipping (UPS). But most noteworthy is his experience in the financial services industry: He has worked with a wide array of financial technology brands including Chase Paymentech, Bank of America, Capital One, MasterCard, Allstate, and Northwestern Mutual.

According to Farace, his extensive financial services and marketing experience will inform his insights at the WSAA panel.  “It’s always rewarding to share my perspective on the ever-changing world of marketing and advertising, especially with regard to the booming fintech sector,” Farace said. “I’m really excited to share some examples of how we’re building one of the best brands in fintech here at Celero. As we continue to craft the ultimate platform that helps small and mid-sized businesses compete and win, telling our story in the marketplace will help us reach more people who need our services, as well as the strategic partners who will help us continue to build value in the future.

The panel event is one of many hosted by the WSAA, a not-for-profit organization that produces various educational seminars and breakout sessions on the evolving needs of the financial services industry. All WSAA events are tailored for professional bankcard sales representatives, including acquirers, ISOs, and MLSs in the retail and e-commerce sectors. The WSAA funds its events through exhibitor sponsorships and attendee registration fees. For more information, visit the WSAA website at https://westernstatesacquirers.net/agenda/.