Let Make Ready Arms and Celero Commerce provide you with comprehensive payment solutions for your business.

Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Processing Costs

Celero Commerce partners with Make Ready Arms to provide credit card processing​, seamlessly integrating with your software. Along with Make Ready Arms existing payment and invoicing features, Celero Commerce technology is the first to allow Make Ready Arms users to process card-present transactions, including EMV chip and contactless (Tap-and-Pay, Apple Pay, etc.). Take advantage of reduced card-present processing rates while offering your customers the most efficient and safe payment experience.

Take advantage of Make Ready Arms’ group buying power! Celero Commerce can match existing pricing upon request, but offers a group discounted Interchange Pass-Through Pricing option that has saved Make Ready Arms users an average of 25% compared to their current providers. Request a no obligation pricing consultation before you make the switch!

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Free Hardware

​For Make Ready Arms users with retail or mobile transactions, Celero Commerce is offering 1 FREE compatible terminal at no cost for every new account — countertop and wireless terminals are available.


Best-in-Class Support

Work directly with Make Ready Arms’ dedicated account manager with over 15 years of industry experience. Take advantage of 24/7 support, one-call problem resolution and industry low average hold times.

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Free Consultation

Group leveraged pricing for Make Ready Arms users has saved an average of 25% compared to existing providers. Ask for a free pricing comparison to determine the potential savings for your business.

Learn more about integrated payments and get a FREE quote today!