The Celero Companies

Meet the Celero Companies, delivering value to partners and customers through leading-edge, integrated business management solutions, unified in purpose to help small and mid-sized companies grow.  Our people believe that today’s small businesses are tomorrow’s largest merchants and employers, and we are committed to bringing them sensible solutions that are easy-to-use and comprehensive in their ability to drive greater revenues and operational efficiencies.

Throughout its history, UMS Banking has defined innovation and customer service in payment processing for small to mid-sized community banks and their merchants.  The UMS Banking merchant platform boasts the latest technologies available in credit card processing, including countertop, mobile, and tablet solutions for taking care of customers at the point of sale, as well as internet gateways. From integrated cash register payment options to Apple Pay, UMS features a variety of acceptance technologies tailored to help businesses grow, whether you’re a retailer, restaurant, field service business, or a nonprofit. 

From payment processing to business analytics, grow your business with innovative, integrated solutions from UMS Banking.


Tandem Innovative Payment Solutions provides technology-oriented payment processing solutions to financial institutions and small to mid-sized merchants. The company’s mission is to serve the payment processing needs of business owners ranging from the small corner store to larger retailers and everything in between, with a primary focus on merchants with annual receipts tallying less than $15 million.  

Built to deliver enterprise-level products to local businesses, Tandem helps small merchants grow and sustain their businesses year after year.


Elmhurst Financial Services partners with larger community banks and regionally-focused financial institutions, assisting them in developing and optimizing their customer relationships. Founded by a group of former bankers, Elmhurst is completely focused on making merchant processing a core strength for its financial partners, helping them generate and grow fee income and grow demand deposit accounts organically.  

With Elmhurst Financial Services by your side, you can control your bank’s destiny through sales tools, advanced analytics, data, reporting, and industry-leading support.

RazorSync’s award-winning software currently serves field-based companies across dozens of trades and professions, including home and commercial services like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, alarm & security, and cleaning. The company’s software for small and mid-sized businesses is a powerful yet easy-to-use desktop and mobile app that streamlines the business management—with attention to both financial management and business operations--of a company in the field service industry.

RazorSync drives receivables through electronic payment capabilities, as well as business growth and operational soundness from a suite of tools, all from a single, integrated platform.