About Celero

At Celero, we are committed to building the premier technology platform to serve small and mid-sized businesses with payments solutions and integrated business management tools to help our partners and merchants grow their businesses. We are delivering unprecedented data-driven decision-making for small businesses to improve both their financial positions and daily operations.

We focus on three elements to improve the Celero platform and optimize our partners and their customers.


Business growth aligns to the power of partnership. At Celero we bring opportunity to your doorstep via a host of proprietary technologies, cutting edge products, and strong partnerships. Whether it’s channel partners to drive integrated financial services or software partners providing the latest in business management tools and intelligence dashboards, we put ourselves in elite company to deliver best-in-class results for Celero partners and clients alike. 


Our unmatched experience in developing native technology and growing extensive software and technology platform ecosystems delivers superior technology integration to our partners and clients at Celero Commerce. Our growing portfolio of technology investments include business management platforms with integrated payments, as well as business intelligence that powers easy-to-understand, actionable business insights for better decision-making in the face of growth opportunities.  For customers, this means an all-in-one, frictionless experience that runs efficiently and results in growth at scale.



In the end, having a merchant solutions partner is all about mutual alignment for growth.  In our experience, strategically placed investments have yielded hockey stick growth for companies in multiple industry sectors. Let our capital, platform, and commitment to speed and efficiency take your organization to the next level.